Technically the IRC repeater is a closed repeater. We did not list it as a closed repeater to restrict its use. It is listed that way to keep people who don't follow the system guidelines off the machine. We welcome non members to use the repeater as long as they follow the guidelines.

Our guidelines are fairly simple. We are a family oriented club organized to promote amateur radio and to have fun. Personal abuse and profanity will not be tolerated. We tease other a lot which is ok, but when it crosses over the line into abuse it will not be tolerated. Many of our members families participate in our radio fun. Obscene jokes and profanity are not to be used on our system. We insist that all users practice common courtesy, use good amateur practice, and follow all FCC rules and regulations.

We encourage you to use the system to ragchew. Our system is set up to handle emergency communications; however, that is not its principal purpose. It's principal purpose is to have a place on the radio where we can get together and have fun. If someone is ragchewing on the system, feel free to break in and join the conversation. To break in say the suffix of your call sign in between transmissions. The other user should acknowledge your presence and come back to you when their transmission ends. Please try to leave short pauses between transmissions to allow breaking stations to make their presence known.

If someone is ragchewing and you want to make a call, say the word "break" in between transmissions. The user should then acknowledge the breaking station and yield the machine to them. Stations who are ragchewing should standby for stations who want to make a call as a matter of courtesy. Please do not break in with the word "break" more than one time unless it is an emergency. If you are using the system and you hear "break" two or more times, please yield to the breaking station immediately and render any assistance you can.

Our system has some special features such as autopatch and reverse autopatch. The provision of these features causes our club to incur additional expenses. Consequently, the use of these features is reserved to supporting members and their immediate family who are current in the payment of dues. Supporting members should feel free to use the autopatch to render assistance to other hams on an occasional basis based on need (such as calling the CHP, AAA, or other need). Frequent use of the autopatch by supporting members on the behalf of non members not based on reasonable need can be grounds for revoking autopatch privileges. Autopatch use takes priority over chitchat and general calls so please yield the machine to autopatch users who wish to make a call.